Prasanna Natarajan

Client Testimonials

Joseph Matthew, Founder at SoftwareWORX. (testimonial from Linkedin)

Fast learner, strong technical skills and good abilities to work independently and get things done. I was most impressed with Prasanna’s abilities to take on a new coding approach with React+Rails and get that done well.

Adler Hsieh, Senior Developer at (testimonial from Linkedin)

Prasanna is a great help to our team with his leadership. We don’t really need to be worried about anything assigned to his team. He takes requirements seriously, and takes time figuring out the best solution. He raises questions if anything is unclear, and never starts with ambiguity. He is responsible for his work and never stop polishing the work to achieve great readability and performance. We always receive code with great quality from his team.

He is also excellent in software development skills like Ruby and JavaScript. His insight is inspiring during our code review session. He always surprises me by coming up with an approach to solve a problem that does not seems like to have a elegant solution.

It’s my great pleasure working with him. I give my best hope to his career.

Sourangshu Pal, Engineering, Product & Program Management Leader at Velankani Communications Technologies. (testimonial from Linkedin)

Prasanna is a passionate and dedicated software professional who does not shy away from taking up challenges that pitch him outside his comfort zone. He is an excellent Ruby-on-Rails architect and has the capabilities to motivate and take a team along with him.

When I work with experienced programmers, I look for traits like “can-do attitude”, “attention to detail” and “a will to learn new concepts without fear of failure and its consequences” in them and I was pleasantly surprised to see Prasanna possess all of these. I was also floored with his willingness to take the risk of attempting a completely new area (for him) like AWS at that time and mastering concepts related to what was needed almost single-handedly purely driven by the will to know more about the new concepts and succeed in implementing the required asks.

Prasanna is ideally suited for free-lance work on pretty much any domain and technology under the sun although he is an expert and leans towards his in-depth knowledge and experience with RoR and AWS. In summary, Prasanna is a thorough professional who does not shy away from pushing the limits and challenging himself to conquer new challenges and I hope and wish he does not change his work ethics and the positive “can-do” attitude with time.

Wishing him all the very best in all his future endeavours, I strongly recommend Prasanna for all the potential he holds and has showcased while working with architecting and implementing a very challenging solution.

Karthikeyan Velusamy, Software Consultant at Tata Communications. (testimonial from Linkedin)

Me and Prasanna worked on the same project. Prasanna is a very detail oriented person with thorough technical knowledge. His attention to minute details were amazing which was very essential for the product and business. The project we worked came with lots of frequent changes, even thought the time to turn around was very little, they way prasanna responded and delivered to the situation was really outstanding.

In process of the development prasanna has to work on new areas with very little time to ramp up. He stood dedicated and committed and ramped up amazingly fast. He is a go to person and very amicable which is very essential for a team work. I wish to work with him in the future and wish him all the best for his future.