Course notes: Udemy google sheets

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Got this course on a sale from Udemy: “Master Google Sheets (and see why it’s better than Excel)”

It was useful, but only at a basic level I guess. The author could’ve spent time exploring more advanced topics.

So, the notes…

can protect a single sheet of a spreadsheet file alone. click the sheet menubar arrow button present next to the sheet name.

conditional formatting.

filtering. funnel icon, save as filter, filter view dropdown.

File -> See revision history

cell reference wrt formulas: relative(A1) vs absolute($A$1)

formula: SWITCH: =SWITCH(B2:B11, "abc", "YUP", "def", "NOP", "UGH") IFS: =ifs(B9="abc", "FOO", B9="def", "BAR") IFERROR:

  • return null if error: =iferror(ifs(B3="abc", "FOO", B3="def", "BAR"))
  • return custom val if error: =iferror(ifs(B3="abc", "FOO", B3="def", "BAR"), "SORRY")

vlookup/hlookup: =VLOOKUP(B3, PartCodes!$A$2:$B$4, 2) It does table joining using a specific column, just like in sql.

ImportXml, ImportHTML: Pull data from any structured data from internet.

=IMPORTXML("", "//a/@href")

Eg: pull first page search result links for any search term into a sheet using importxml: =IMPORTXML($C$1, "//h3[@class='r']/a/@href") Where the C1 url is: