Reviews of Tech Books I’ve Read

2 minute read

Fullstack React – This is the book I learnt in detail about ReactJS. It teaches most of react by building pieces of them. The authors introduced redux, forms, custom fields, and routes by building them first. It also covers topics like graphql and relay.

The Ruby Programming Language Everything You Need to Know – David Flanagan, Yukihiro Matsumoto – When I decided to get serious about ruby, this is the first book I got. It builds a solid foundation, much better than blogs and tutorials.

Metaprogramming Ruby 2 – Paolo Perrotta – Great little book that taught me the metaprogramming secrets of ruby.

Design Patterns in Ruby – Russ Olsen – This book translated the classic Design Patterns into Ruby. Jan 2016 The examples were nice, and knowing about the patterns helps me in grasping any new code base easily and design my code too in a standard way.

Confident Ruby – Avdi Grimm – A great book from the master Chef Avdi, explaining how to write confident ruby. It explains what other coding books don’t: how to structure and write an actual method! This knowledge can be used in any other languages too.

Exceptional Ruby – Avdi Grimm – Nice little book about ruby’s exceptions, from, again Avdi the master chef. Lots of nifty tricks, and theories explaining when to use exceptions and when not to.

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby – Sandi Metz – I read it too early in my ruby career, when I was just beginning to learn ruby. I don’t remember anything from the book now.Especially because I started using Anki to manage my learnings only recently. I have to read this masterpiece again.

Professional Javascript for Web Developers – Nicholas C Zakas – Recommended by Derek Sivers as the “go-to book” for mastering javascript basics. Didn’t fail to meet my expectations. My understanding of prototype, inheritance, apply, call, property lookup, functions and objects all stem from this book.

Javascript Cookbook – Shelley Powers – The cookbook format of this book was very refreshing. Standard problems, and the javascript snippets for them were useful to me.

Multitenancy with Rails – Ryan Bigg – The books main pitch is to teach multitenancy using apartment gem. But that wasn’t interesting to me. What interested me was the book’s approach to TDD. I learnt a lot about writing clean and meaningful tests. Tests that only test the behaviour of a feature, and not the little technicalities.

The Passionate Programmer – Chad Fowler – Great little book emphasizing on the art and the profession called “Software Programming”. Inspiring little bits about how to improve yourself as a programmer.