Prasanna Natarajan

ReactJS: Using Formatters and Normalizers in ReduxForm

The greatest invention since the discovery of html input text box is the redux form concept of formatters and normalizers to the input fields.

We always wanted to transform what the user entered into something else before putting the value in the database. And we always wanted to restrict the output that the user sees when he enters input. These 2 are separate concerns that should’ve been separate from the beginning.

Here’s an example application of the concept.

I have a text input that takes price in USD as its input. In the database, it is represented by a simple number data type. But suppose when the user starts typing I want a ‘$’ sign to be prefixed to the values entered in the field, and I want the user to only type numbers in there. Any other characters should be restricted. And I want a comma to be placed automatically in the thousandth separator.

These 2 functions - formatter and normalizer funcs - will be executed on each input event.

The formatter does this:

export function formatCurrency(val) {
  val = val.replace(/[^\d]/g, '');
  val = val.replace(/(\d)(?=(\d\d\d)+(?!\d))/g, "$1,");
  if (val[0] !== '$') {
    val = '$' + val;
  return val

The normalizer does this:

export function normalizeCurrency(val, prevVal) {
  return val.replace(/[^\d]/g, '')

And finally these 2 are passed to the input field component.

<Field name="spend" component="input" type="text" format={formatCurrency} normalize={normalizeCurrency} className="input input-text" />