Prasanna Natarajan

Ubertor RealEstate Website Development

When did you work on this project?

4 months in 2014 from April.

What is this project about?

The client’s main product is an online website builder for real-estate companies. They built it with PHP and wanted the whole project to be transitioned to Rails 3 (at the time). The app also had many pages that were slow to load which need to be optimised.

Who was the client?


What did you do exactly?

I was the sole developer in this project. I spent a few initial days to get acquainted with PHP and the database structure. Then I used the rails best practices gem to refactor the changes made by the previous developer.

Then it was time to focus on the slow queries. I used mysql’s EXPLAIN PLAN to see if the queries were using the appropriate indices and added/removed proper indices based on the query results. I was able to bring down the running time of many queries from many minutes to a few seconds. This improved the UX of many of the pages.

Process/Technologies Used

How did your work impact the company, and was the client happy?

The PHP version of the app was bringing in business for the client for more than 5 years before it came to us.

The necessary cleanup that I did - Rails + mysql optimisations - was much appreciated by the client as it brought a new and better experience to their users, which directly impacted positively their business.