Prasanna Natarajan


When did you work on this project?

Around 1 year from 2014-2015.

What is this project about?

Qzick was a product conceived at Rubyeffect for making student assessment easy. It was aimed for schools and colleges. The staff at these institutions can upload questions and answers in the form of quizzes, and schedule online tests for students. A variety of metrics will be calculated for each student based on their performance in the tests.

Who was the client?

RubyEffect. A Software consultancy firm from India. They needed a way to hire people for their firm in a fast manner, and filter out unworthy candidates and quickly get the worthy ones. This was built to solve their needs first, and then was scaled for usage by other institutions.

What did you do exactly?

The initial version was taken down after we reassessed the scope of the project, and decided to build it to scale well, keeping in mind the flexibility that might be needed to incorporate javascript SPAs.

So the 2nd version was conceived as 2 separate apps: the frontend and Rails api backend. I was responsible for designing and developing this rails api app from scratch. I also designed the database system required for this, and used the opinionated Grape API. I wrote tests in minitest.

Process/Technologies used

Since it was an internal project, we used the usual agile process in working with the project.