Prasanna Natarajan

Mozo App

When did you work on this project?

8 months from April to November 2017.

What is this project about?

Mozo is a product review site that reviews a lot of financial products like loans, credit cards, insurance policies etc. Their main app is a rails app with a lot of mini react apps, with data coming from a different api app. The ongoing business requirements for the app would reach us as development tasks, which we’ll then develop and ship.

Who was the client?

Mozo Australia.

What did you do exactly?

Process/Technologies Used

How did your work impact the company?

My work at the admin side of Mozo’s main app was instrumental in getting custom-built articles published at lightspeed. Those articles in turn affect Mozo’s bottomline directly. The admin work was also helpful in automating a lot of work for the content creators.

The react app I built was for one of Mozo’s partners. The app would help showcase different credit cards and give the user the ability to do side-by-side comparison based on a lot of criteria. The app had “Go to site” kind of buttons that, when clicked, would help earn commission on referrals for the partner site.

Was the client happy?

The client was happy with the work we did. Their involvement would stop after giving us the specs for a particular project. I’d take it from there to split it into action items, creating github issues, briefing the offshore team and then finally building and delivering the actual project item.

I also had to learn ReactJS to build an app from scratch. The client was particularly happy about this one as I did not trouble the onsite team with any assistance seeking.

More info?

I’ve written some blog posts about the things I learned from the project. Here are some: