Prasanna Natarajan


When did you work on this project?

2 months from April 2015.

What is this project about?

Hipnames is a site that tells your name’s meaning, along with interesting data like geographical distribution of your name across US states, how ahead you are compared to others in terms of education and income etc.

The data analysis code had to work efficiently with a DB with 2.2 million records. Mysql indexing and rails caching were involved too to make things appear effortless from the frontend.

The site is not online anymore. The client might’ve taken it down or moved to a different domain. But its twitter page is still online.

Who was the client? - A Recruiting Firm.

What did you do exactly?

I did the whole thing - from start to end. I worked directly with the CEO Mike O’Brien to gather requirements and develop the app.

I developed many rake tasks that would do things like: import names from the csv file the client gave (that had about 2.2 mil records), calculate rank of a name based on their score across various areas and save the names in the database.

Process/Technologies used

Was the client happy?

The client was happy with the end result as this product began to gather traffic soon after the launch.