Client Projects

Here are some of the best projects I’ve worked so far. Click the Details link in each for in-depth info.

  • Mozo app and Choice app for client Mozo Australia. Managed a remote team that delivered a variety of projects. Built 2 react apps from scratch - one for Mozo’s admin app and one for one of Mozo’s partner sites. (Details)

  • Sponsored Data Exchange - Quota Manager for client Tata Communications (America) Inc. Worked to create a set of Rails API apps and ruby scripts, and design their cloud infrastructure in AWS, and deployed them there. (Details)

  • Parkmobile Cape App for client Parkmobile USA. Worked to charge their customers for a special event, and also to fix memory leaks in their production apps. (Details)

  • Parkmobile Stomp for client Parkmobile USA. Worked on AngularJS and Rails to create the front-end app that would be used by customers to purchase parking passes. (Details)

  • Ubertor app for client Ubertor. Worked to transition their main app from PHP to Rails, along the way finetuning its database queries. (Details)

  • Qzick for RubyEffect. Designed the database and the Rails API app for this internal tool which was eventually marketed as a product. (Details)

  • Rank Tracker, Link Prospector and Keyword Competition Analysis Tool for client HighRankWebsites. Took hold of these 3 non-rails projects (cuba framework) and developed features required by the founder. (Details)

  • HipNames for client Climber.com. Designed and developed this small site that generated passive income from ads. (Details)

Side Projects

Here are some of the projects that I’ve built outside of client work.

  • Kindle Pras: A ruby command-line application that I use regularly to extract highlights from my Kindle. The generated markdown files are used to feed my Book Notes site.