Why you should blog

First read this post from a master blogger: https://sites.google.com/site/steveyegge2/you-should-write-blogs.

Now, here are my thoughts.

It’s a great feeling when others write to you to let you know that your blog had helped them in a specific way.

If you are able to remember an event from your childhood now, it’s only because you might’ve consciously or subconsciously recollected that memory at least twice or more within your head sometime in the past. But what about all the memories that you didn’t get a chance to recollect? Poof. They are all gone. Forever. You can say, they were all unremarkable. But then if you develop an eye for seeing the remarkable in the unremarkable, then you’d have at least something to say about all the days that you’d lived. With blogging, you can capture the moments you learned about something, the moments you helped others, or how you felt at the moment and how you are dealing with you feelings etc.

Be the documentarian of your own life. In software, there’s something called the “DRY principle”. It means “Don’t Repeat Yourself”. It means if we come across a situation where a same piece of code is required to be written in a different place, then we should pause, and not repeat the same code. Instead we should bundle the code and reuse it wherever necessary. This we we save time, effort and money. Same goes with your life. Each day you are alive, you are dealing or solving a variety of problems in your life. Just see yourself as someone who documents your own life, and just write about these things. What’s obvious to you might be astounding to others (https://sivers.org/obvious). So always assume that any insight you had, might be useful to other people too, and have a quick process to share them in the blog.

Blogging is better than the addictions. There’s no guarantee that each day you exercise you makes you younger, but each day that you publish a post, you’ve become better than yesterday in terms of the value you’ve created. It’s good to see the blog numbers go up. Example: blog post count, reader count etc.

Even when Steve Jobs had died, there was this Walter Isaacson who wrote Steve’s life story as a book. Steve was such a hero. But guess what, you may not get your own Walter, but you are still the hero of your life and the central character around whom the universe revolves. Others, including Steve, are just characters playing their role in your hero’s journey. So, don’t wait for a Walter. Just choose your own adventure, write your story. People like me want to read them. (We are the pieces of the Universe that wants to learn about the memories you have).

You’ll find your tribe. Your family might not be your true family. Your peers might not be your true peers. Your friends might not be your real friends. Share yourself via the blog to find them.

I saw a movie (Dev) where the hero (Karthik) gets his vigour from living an adventurous life. His biggest goal was to scale Mt Everest. And when he did it, he passed out. He’d have died there except for the heroine’s and director’s intervention at that point. This sounds stupid and dangerous to me. You could get the same vigour by just blogging I dare say. It’s safe.

If you fancy the idea that you could leave a legacy to a family member, a blog with a treasure trove of your thoughts is a good idea.

Your blog could be a place where you can share your now page, your health/fitness/diet journey.

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