The ultimate productivity hack is…

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…to say no.

Say no to things you don’t have to do. It takes courage and practice to decline invitations, especially from friends and family. To say no to friendly water-cooler conversations at work. They’ll all feel hurt. But that’s how you reclaim your time and invest it in things you want to do.

Wait, there’s a better hack.

The ultimate productivity hack is to sleep better. If you are a student, or an athlete, or a business owner, or if you do anything with purpose at all, sleep is a competitive advantage. Not many alive today has read this important book on sleep, and so many just postpone their sleep for the simple pleasures of scrolling through facebook/twitter/instagram or just netflix and chill. But if you get the memo, and prioritize sleep, then you’ll have a much better emotional and physical health and also a highly optimized brain that’s tuned for learning and doing.

Wait, that’s just not true.

The real ultimate productivity hack is… uh.. “being in a high-trust, monogamous, long-term relationship with specialized roles, dual incomes, and no kids.

Go figure.

Thanks to twitter folks @shl, James Clear and this tweet: