Prasanna Natarajan

Movie review: 'In Time' by Andrew Niccol

I watched this because I became curious about the director after watching his “Gattaca” movie which he both wrote and directed. Gattaca is now one of all-time favorites. It’s sci-fiction and motivational/emotional kind, which is right up my alley.

Story-wise this movie “In Time” didn’t disappoint. It’s a very unique story, but not hard to go “of course, it makes sense now!” once you see it. It’s this: (don’t worry, no spoilers, but there’s nothing to spoil ‘cos the actors spoiled it)

It’s a world where the currency is time. Literally. People here, once they reach the age of 25, stop aging physically. They’ll look forever 25. But the catch is that, you’ll only live for one more year. There’s even a biological countdown timer showing how much time’s left for you. So, the rich people muscle their way through accumulating decades, centuries and even thousands of years of live. They can do that because there’s another biological mechanism in which I can give you my time by touching hands together. Just replace money in our world with time, and you get this movie’s world. It’s a fascinating concept. You have to watch it to see details of the world-building.

And then there are the dialogues. They are poignant, quote-worthy and stands out well.

The only problem is the people uttering them. Except for the hero, who I came to know is Justin Timberlake, every one is terrible. It doesn’t help that the story makes them all forever young and 25. Mothers, Mother-in-Laws and Daughters. All 25 with healthy tits. And amateur acting. It’s unintentionally funny to watch these kids speak great quotes about life, death and time. I especially couldn’t stand the heroine.

But I haven’t given up on the director yet. I haven’t watched one of his movies yet: S1m0ne, starring my favorite Al Pacino.