Is measuring food portions useful in weightloss?

I think it would be too finicky and we’d lose the discipline to do it in the long run.

It might work if you’re only opening your mouth for food intake once or twice a day (Intermittent Fasting (IF) or OMAD). More than that, then you might forget to measure the weight.

I think this is not needed for most of us. This makes sense only for pro bodybuilders who need to be careful about the quantity of food they eat. Even they do it only during competition time. It’s such a hassle.

For the rest of us, simply cutting out bad food or just simply skipping one or two meals would result in vast reduction in portion size.

Here’s how I’m currently reducing food quantity intake compared to my previous habits:

  • I’m only taking a single serving of any available sweet at home after the last meal of the day, as opposed to just binging on the cookies on sight.
  • I’m doing IF. So, whatever food that went into my mouth in the name of breakfast is now blocked. I just eat lunch and dinner. And I’m careful I don’t compensate by eating a large lunch.

Feeling happy about your diet decision is also important. Your ongoing hunger shouldn’t make you miserable. I find that educating ourselves about what we are doing helps us feel strong in this path to lose weight. I’m reading about IF, paleo, and keto. (Their respective subreddit’s wiki have so much good info.)

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