Prasanna Natarajan

Mind Blown - Aliens met us and ignored us

I occasionally have my mind blow just by reading stuff from the internet. This series is there to track such instances.

Here’s Neil deGrasse Tyson (how can a name start without a capital-letter?) saying that there’s a high chance that we’ve met aliens already. The only reason we don’t remember meeting is the same reason as to why a cockroach doesn’t stop in its tracks when seeing us intelligent humans and wondering “look! look at that intelligent species!” on a daily basis.

The reason they don’t do that is that their intelligence is not sufficient to even comprehend such a fact. Similarly, we need to come to terms with the fact that our own intelligence might not be as sophisticated as we think it to be to comprehend a superior-intelligent being.

The super-intelligent, interstellar 5th-dimension creating aliens would’ve come across Earth and must have seen us do nothing meaningful with our gifts, and just moved on in search of more intelligent beings.

I mean, do you stop in your tracks on a daily basis and wonder “Whoa! The bird is flying! How so?!”