Prasanna Natarajan

Habit progress for 2019 - February 2019 update

This is the 2nd month of my 5-habit tracker trial.

Going to gym and avoiding sugar had been fairly easy this month.

Side project update: The SMS campaigner’s core of sending sms via external services is working, and some authentication and account management. But all else is pending. While working on this I got frustrated by the amount of boilerplate code I had to copy from the previous app (ContactSyncer) - bootstrap setup, devise setup, fixtures etc. That’s when I came across It’s a Rails code package that comes with all of this already setup, and it has a gorgeous UI bought and integrated from ThemeForest.

Only problem with that is it’s $1450, that’s Rs 84000. I can’t afford that. So I’m now taking it upon myself to build such a ‘starter’ app for myself. So, now, March will mostly be gone by working on this template app, which I’ll then use it for all of the other apps.