Prasanna Natarajan

Habit progress for 2019 - January 2019 update

This is the 2nd month of my 5-habit tracker trial. And it looks like I’m having a lot of trouble building habits.

First, the numbers.

Just SideProject managed to be in 2 digits! And look at writing. It’s not zero!

Well, I could blame it on my willpower, but since reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, I’m going to blame it on bad habit design. I probably didn’t think through it.

Let’s go over each item.

Side project

11 is a lot better than last month’s 6. But that was only because last month was 6. It was the shame that drove me during the initial days, but then I let it slide because of a reason.

I didn’t find a reason to work on the contact_sync app. There are a few reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to use such an app. But during this month, I came across a reason that fucking tore apart my heart when I heard it. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Hey look at this. I’m creating an app where a business with multiple stakeholders could sync all or specific contacts between them automatically. No need to install any app!
Some business bro: Oh. We do it already by simply creating a third google account that’s used just for this purpose. Our staff will open in a computer and type all the specific contacts like customers, suppliers’ etc. We business partners have added this google account with our own accounts. So the contacts will always be synced.
Me: silently weeping inside my heart.

I didn’t have the heart to open up and work on that app anymore! But still even now, after a few days, I still think of working on it and finish shipping it!

Another app has now taken over my mind now and I’m itching to start it, while at the same time this old project that’s like 60% complete, is still nagging me like “are you just gonna let me die!”.


One day in Jan, right after a gym visit, I had the feeling that I might be having a hernia. My lower left abdomen felt like it had a projection and touching it was a little painful. At that instant, all of my worldview on strength training, and stronglifts changed drastically. Pushing harder to squat 80kg and deadlift 100kg might seem doable and a worthy and healthy goal to pursue. But this ridiculous human body is just a bag of water, bone and flesh. It’s a delicate piece of machinery. We could fuck it up a thousand different ways without ever trying. So deliberately doing dangerous movements like this seems counter-intuitive to me now.

So I was afraid after that pain and didn’t go to gym for many days. Thankfully I don’t feel the pain anymore because I haven’t lifted heavy since then. But I’m sure I’ve herniated the abdominal wall. I’m not going to get it treated now. But I’ll stop lifting heavy.

So now, the fitness goal has changed to me just visiting the gym regularly. There are a lot of bodyweight and lightweight exercises that I can do to get a great workout still.


Sorry Sean Wes. I kinda see the importance of writing, but I don’t have the time. I’m only going to focus on my side project and fitness. Maybe some other month when I have another job that’s commuteless I’ll give writing a try.


I did little planning I think mostly because all days are just same days. But as mentioned below, I failed at it because I wasn’t specific.


When nothing in the day goes right, it feels ok to waste the remaining last hours of the day just watching videos on ipad and losing sleep. But as usual, I get punished for it quickly the next day when I’m just a tired zombie who’s functioning at 10% batterly. Sleep IS MORE IMPORTANT than anything else!


All learn and no play!

February goals

I’m tweaking the main set of 5 goals and am now focusing on these for this month:

Ideas for this month

No more listening to podcast during commute. I’ll try to come up with action plan for the side project and note it down after I reach home. I hope this would help me keep the side project in the forefront of my memory all the time.

10-mins meditation after waking up, using the waking up course.