Prasanna Natarajan

Habit progress for 2019 - December 2018 update

The first month of trying out my 5-habit tracker went out as expected. I didn’t expect to master the habits over the month. I just want to test the waters and want to see my own behaviour wrt to this planner.

Here are the number of days I spent doing the 5 habits in December 2018 which had 31 days.

Looks like all I did was learn. But the truth is, learning - sitting comfortably in a chair and watching a video - comes very easy to me compared to sitting at the tip of a chair and facing a blank code editor to work on a side project. I sought comfort in the passivity of learning rather than dive deep into the uncertainty of coding something new.

Having said that, it was a good month for the learning goal. I finished the “Functional programming in Scala” course in coursera finally. And did a few exercism exercises too in the scala track. I need to keep up the learning pace and shouldn’t drop the ball now, as I did before December, starting and abandoning the scala course midway. I was asked to go through the finagle framework. So I need to get some experience on that.

I hurt my right hamstring and so had to pull-back on the regular workout schedule. It worried me a lot as I felt it wasn’t curing at all. Every night I’d rub icepacks and also apply an ointment hoping it would get repaired. But after few days I went back to squatting, but with just the plain rod. I’m now slowly building my leg strength. Still, I could feel the pain residing in my right hamstring while deadlifting yesterday. Maybe I hurt it only due to DL and not due to squat? I’ll pull back on adding weight even in Jan. I want this to be cured completely and I don’t want to take another chance.

As to the side-project, that being my main goal of the year, it breaks my heart to see the least progress in it. The one mistake I should remember to not repeat again is to only do projects that interest me a lot and something that I could finish very quickly. I’m eager to start my other projects, but I feel stuck with this google contact project that I’m currently doing.