Prasanna Natarajan

Learning hard things require stick-to-itiveness

…more than smartness.

Seth Godin’s courses on Udemy have a dropout rate of 87%. But he’s very happy about that because other Udemy courses average over 93% dropout rate.

When there are no real deadlines or no punishment or no authority forcing us to finish something, we tend to procrastinate and eventually give up on difficult tasks.

But all it takes is just showing up daily.

I was first surprised when I heard him say this, and then was immediately unsurprised because I myself had done the same mistake many times over. Most recently, I enrolled for a 6-week course on learning the fundamentals of Scala programming language. I stuck through 3 weeks, and then dropped out. My reason then was that I had to get my laptop repaired. But I did have another laptop in which I could’ve continued the course on.

Off the top of my head, I want to spend time learning and mastering these things:

All of these things take time. Some of these work best when I dive deep while showing up daily. That’s the best way to retain a new programming language or paradigm.

If I don’t stick to them, if I don’t show up, then I won’t master any of these. Worse, I may have to repeat learning things. I’m learned and shipped 2 client projects in react a year ago, but since I lost touch completely, I’m relearning it now. This is the probably the 4th time I’ve given up on learning hindi via the book that’s been sitting in my desk forever. And of course, I have to start over scala again.