Prasanna Natarajan

Maybe we need to detox from movies

I recently went to my hometown Madurai for a long holiday. What I noticed there surprised me.

People there were busy living their lives. They had too many interesting challenges in their lives and too little time to handle them all. There was no lingering in the bed in the morning, and there was no early-to-bed thing as well. People there were like molecules in a pressure cooker, moving in fast pace, and in different directions, interacting and getting things done.

Mingling with them for the short duration I was there, made me live too.

Why was I surprised? Wasn’t I living life here at Bangalore where I’m working as a software engineer?

Well, yes, but it’s a slow pace life. But that’s not what I’m getting at now. (Screw my writing skills and my thought process. I’ll get better at it over time with this daily writing goal)

People here at Bangalore (or Chennai or any place where software techies are living and doing their job) are surrounded in this matrix where the cinema world plays a big role. If you ever talk to your colleague or a friend or a relative here, at least once the conversation will drift towards cinema. “Did you watch this movie?”, “What did you do in the weekends? any movies?”, “Did you see that Blue Sattai Maran’s review?” etc

The more youtube videos you watch about movies and actor interviews, the more youtube will shove those kind of things at your face. And we end up watching all of them.

The easy availability of the internet (thanks Jio), the cheap smartphones in everyone’s hand, coupled with people not living an interesting lives leave them to get immersed in the fantastic lives lived by the movies stars in the movies.

People in business and the previous generation people aren’t caught by this trap. They too have internet and smartphones, they too know about youtube and facebook, but they’ll only get to them when they are tired and useless. And they don’t usually go search for movie related stuff.

That youtube video I saw about Vijay Sethupathi where he talks smart and is being humble, that’s just an actor doing a great job of marketing himself, luring me (and you!) into watching movies of himself and other movies.

I think we’ll have to detox from these kind of news. If my world was a pie chart, I don’t want movies to be a big pie in it.

One way to do that is to work on interesting side projects.