Prasanna Natarajan

Movie story vs Your story

Could it be that we watch movies because our own life stories aren’t that interesting?

Maybe it’s the work or our relationships or just our current situation. Or all of it that suck.

The solution is not to escape into these false realities created by movies, tv shows and books.

What if we could turn around and strive to live a better story ourselves?

A story where we are the Hero and our life is the hero’s journey.

Our invented mission could be the hero’s object of desire. And the obstables we need to overcome to reach our goal are the character development challenges we need to face.

I know few successful people who don’t watch movies. It’s not because of choice. They simply don’t have the time. All their time is spent on living a vastly interesting life, day to day. They can’t seem to get enough of it. On the rare occasion that they watch movies, it’s when they are tired and useless, usually after a long day of hard and happy living.

Kurt Vonnegut said people seek drama because their own life lacks drama.

But we can go one step ahead and create an interesting drama in our own life.

How can we do it? I don’t have a definite answer, but we could start by stop wasting time on consuming things. We should use time on learning and creating stuff.

PS1: I have a list of movies I’ve seen so far in this year. I’m planning to keep it for all years to come. As of Nov 8, the 2018 list has 35 movies.

PS2: I also have a list of movies I want to watch.