Prasanna Natarajan

How to abandon useless goals

There are some goals that serve no purpose or too little if any. Or maybe they’ve overlived their welcome.

You need to be able to abandon them. But to your surprise you won’t be able to do so. You’d still be attached to them. Not necessarily via love, but maybe due to some commitment you made to yourself.

The first step in learning to give up on these goals is to know that they are useless.

For example. This 30-day blogging challenge that I took upon myself is totally useless to me now.

It served it’s little purpose in that it unblocked my writer’s block. But it feels stupid to continue without ever writing something that’s useful for the reader. I believe there’s at least something of value in all the posts I’ve written so far. But now, at the moment, I don’t have any useful ideas to share. I can wait each remaining days and I might probably get some ideas to write about. But I’ll pass.

The second step in learning to give on these useless goals is to actually quit cold-turkey.

For example. This would be the last day of my 30-day blogging challenge. Including this, it’s only 24 posts. 6 more is remaining to complete. But I want the time and energy to focus on one other important goal, starting from tomorrow.

So, I declare this challenge as a failure officially.

(You still here? Go do some important stuff or abandon your own version of your vanity goals.)