Prasanna Natarajan

Is this reality real?

Do you believe it?

Do you believe in the physical and moral laws we’ve come to take for granted?

Could this reality be like the Matrix movie? Why don’t you think we are in a simulation? It could be some superior being might have created us and is playing with us right now. I’m not talking about someone like “God”. But somebody more like us. Like how we create cloned rats and put it in a cage and play and experiment with it. Do the rats know that we created them?

Could this reality be just someone’s elaborate dream? We are all just dream character in this person’s sleep right now. Could it be that he’s about to wake up and all of us will implode into nothingness?

Could this reality be your own dream? Watch out when you wake up and find yourself in the mirror as some Alien being.

Why can’t this reality be created by some God being, and there can be multiple levels of God one above the other? Like how we created the rats, this particular God X created us and the Universe that we know of, and then this other God Y created a whole set of God Xs? And then there’s God Z above all and more up above?

How sure are you about the “rules of success” that you come across? You come across a rule that says “work hard and smart to get rich”. But then you come across a rich person who prays to some “Balaji” god daily, “offers” the god money and says some weird hyms and mantras. How sure are you that this “Balaji routine” that he does is totally what’s needed to become rich under certain circumstances? What if the God X person that designed us defined some law like that? What if none of our scientists whiffed it yet?

What if one of the many “get rich” laws is to “write affirmations” daily?

What the fuck is this all?

Who are you and who am I? Why do we care so much about our problems and ourselves if this is all a dream reality?


Here come’s the empowering belief part. In this lifetime you are never going to figure this out. The rat couldn’t become enlightened enough to realise that we fuckers cloned it.

So it’s better to assume the definition of reality that really empowers you, and not something that you think is the truth.

Many successful people attribute their success to this specific notion. They stopped believing reality as is seen by all of us. Instead they choose a more subjective one where they believe they can control what they experience.

I have come across this truth (a debatable thing indeed) from many successful people.

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, in his How to Fail book, mentions that he could alter his reality by writing down affirmations daily of what he wanted to experience. Countless number of times, including his huge breakthroughs, have come about to exist due to this particular habit.

Here’s Scott questioning the reality.

Is our reality nothing but a computer simulation? And if so, who controls it? I ran a tightly controlled scientific experiment to learn the answer. #Simulation #Basketball

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Steve Pavlina too writes a lot about how view reality subjectively can empower you and even give the results you wanted. He got out of debt and his whole life changed when he adopted this empowering mindset.

Search for “Subjective” to see all that he’s written about it in his Archives page.

And virtually all “success” authors instruct you to believe in a reality where you can “co-create” your desired experiences.

We all might be playing by some crazy fucker’s rule who’s sitting up there and laughing maniacally at all of our problems (which he created too). It doesn’t work to ignore the dude. Like it or not, if we want to be rich, thin and happy in this life, we have to play by his rules.

(O Mighty Lord Dude. Forgive me for my strayings and show me the path. And please make me rich thin and happy.)