Prasanna Natarajan

Deep Abundance Integration Day 2 Notes - Subjective reality and Empowering beliefs

It’s already Day 9 of the Deep Abundance Integration course today. But I’ve only watched the videos of first 2 days, and already feel it’s very dense and couldn’t catch up with Steve. I need to digest properly what he’s saying in each day.

Day 2 was really good. The message spoke to me. Here’s what I noted down in my mobile while listening to it, constantly pausing it.

(And yes, I’m totally using this as an opportunity to finish the 30-day blogging challenge. It’s dirty, but the post is useful to others I feel.)

So far, I’d thought subjective reality as the main and only lens that Steve is using and is proposing. Though it made sense on some level, it didn’t in many others. For example, can you run into the middle of a high-traffic street and make no cars hit you? Can you jump off a building and hope to fly at the last moment? No right?

So I thought Steve didn’t make sense here to me. But in this video, he explained that both subjective and objective realities need to be adopted as view points. Pick one that suits you. And you are not restricted to just one. You can assume whatever helps you solve the current problem.

For example, if you are faced with a huge debt, in the objective reality it’s very disempowering. You’ll be chased by all creditors and you’ll feel stressed.

But if you see your debt situation within the lens of the subjective reality, you can see it as a character development tool. You could interpret debt as wanting you to pursue strong personal development challenges that will make you grow. You could then easily pay off the debt.

So here, see the situation with the SR lens to feel empowered. Disregard the OR lens.

Another example is when you feel hungry. Using SR, can you just will your hunger to go away? No. You should use OR to find the nearest restaurant and eat to get rid of the hunger.

So here, OR is the right tool to use.

Learn to use both these tools to reframe your current situation, and keep the beneficial one.

In SR, you could see yourself as the dreamer. But you could also see it as being controlled by some superconscious self. It could be “God”, “AI”, or just nature. It’s cool to think of it as AI though.

This may appear weird, but it’s actually how many people view the world already. I know rich people who pray to God daily and believe in them. They truly believe that the God himself is directing them, and they trust this “God” person so much that they even see the bad stuff happening to them as good stuff. They find meaning in the mundane.

Now, here’s the bummer. What if it’s indeed true that our reality is controlled by some AI?

Here’s a 30 day challenge. Each day, see all experience that’s happening to you as positive experiences. See all of your current situations as a gift. What’s the surprise awaiting you in the gift?

Here’s another plot twist. What if reality is actually indifferent and cold, or even evil? What if it sends all bad stuff at you? How will you manage it with the SR mindset.

You could still believe that there’s some growth experience hidden here and keep being positive. This way you create heaven in hell too.

You are actually a God. You can create your own world. You can use your power to create any sorts of reality you want. And if you don’t see your true nature as God, you’ll just say you are powerless and then that’s what you’ll end up creating.