Prasanna Natarajan

Make everybody like you

No, not that ‘like’. You can’t make everyone like and love you as a person. It’s like if you are a business, the worst way to market is to try to make everyone love you. The best strategy is to spend all energy in making a segment of people love your product even if it means earning the hate of everyone else.

What I mean is that, make everybody like you, like literally. Make them as the person you are.

Let me ‘splain.

Wes Bos is a Javascript developer. All he’s ever doing is to try to make others Javascript developers too. He does that by his courses, books, twitter and blog.

Austin Kleon is a writer and artist who writes about art, the creating and marketing part of it. And all he blogs about is words and arts, either from him, or from someone else. He wants us too to create art.

Seth Godin probably has hair problem. But we never get to hear about it. All we hear from him is about how to do marketing. Because he’s a marketer himself.

Through a glitch in this matrix, I came to know that Avdi Grimm can squat 350 pounds!. But elsewhere, he’s the ruby developer and OOP proponent that every other ruby devs love and follow. He blogs, writes books, makes screencasts and courses, thinks and breaths ruby and coding stuff.

Of course, these people all have their own personal life, challenges, and other interests. You could even catch a glimpse of them elsewhere. But seeing through the eyes of internet, it’s clear that they are striving to make all the others like themselves (at least a segment of everybody).

Right now, I’m the 30-day challenge guy and I want to make everyone around me that I care about do the 30-day challenge too. I think if the whole world does it, then it’s Mission Accomplished for me. Hell, it’s not even my own idea. I just happen to like it a lot. Later in my life, I might become “some other guy” - maybe a software creator guy or a freelancer guy etc. But for now, I’m the one who’ll be happy to help you with your shortcomings with the magical 30-day challenge method.

But there’s one big challenge here. You might feel hesitant to be this person who blows hard his own message. I felt it. I still do. I even feel a little shame in it, and maybe some imposter syndrome too.

But looking hard at it, it’s just irrational fear. I could own this fear and be proud in singing loud my message. That’s how they all started.

That’s what I feel you too should do with your message. Be the one-note dude. Shamelessly spread your art.