Prasanna Natarajan

The Do More Goals

While the do-none goals can boost your confidence in your self-development journey during the early days, it’s the do-more goals that will bring true change in you.

It’s the toughest kind of goals to go after. You’ll have to push yourself to achieve this. After all, you are doing stuff you’ve never done before. That’s the very definition of getting out of the comfort zone.

With the limited time we have here, the only way to go faster is to do many of these do-more goals.

To be frank, I myself have little experience in doing many of these goals.

But I can feel what these would do to my growth if I kept focusing on them.

I want to do this particular kind of do-more stuff: Do more of learning and do more of creating value for others.

The main challenge with these is that they require time. While you don’t need to spend time to “not consume media”, you do need to spend time to learn and create some thing.

If you are young and in school or college, you are lucky. The time constraint doesn’t apply. You have enough time in your day that you can carefully utilise to pursue these goals.

Even if you are in your first 5 or 6 years into your career, you are still lucky. Your responsibilities will be less and you could focus the time left for these.

You are also lucky if you are at least a decade into your career but have no family responsibilities. Not married yet. No wife/kid to take care of. You have the best life, but it might end soon :) So wake up each day and be grateful for it and work your ass off towards these. Your days are numbered.

The unlucky are the married ones. The ones who’ve to take care of a family. Wife, children, ailing parents. More so if your hands are tied with some loan.

But still, we are given just one life and we can’t blame our circumstances.

Somehow we need to make time for these do-more goals. This means sacrificing things like entertainment time, family time, being casually lethargic etc. We simply can’t affor that.

This means you’ll have to have the following additional skills just to be able to start working on these do-more goals.

Time management skills (pomodoro, timeboxing, eat the frog etc), project management skills (like getting things done, trello etc), mind management skills (mindfulness meditation), delegation skills (making others do things for you either by paying or persuading them), energy management skills (staying fit and healthy means more energy), mood management skills (surrounding yourself with energy-giving stuff like motivating/inspiring people/art, making sure you get fresh air and sleep every day etc)

Books have been written on each of these topics. But all that matters right now is that you follow some sane approach for these. Don’t just sit back and slide into the flow of life, it won’t lead you to a place you want. You need to put some effort to change course and move in the direction you want.

And if you don’t have these skills, then start a 30 day challenge for these and become the kind of high-productive person you read about.

(By you I only mean me. All of these advice here and in all other posts apply to me the most. The words are just some rehashed stuff that I read or came across elsewhere. Living these words is the experience I’m seeking myself.)