Prasanna Natarajan

The Do None Goals

There can be all sorts of goals you want to achieve.

But they can all be classified into 2 groups - “Do more of X” goals and “Do less/none of X” goals.

The do-more goals move you forward. To a different place. It feels like, and is truly a progress in your life.

The do-none goals stop you from moving backward. It fights to keep you in the current place. To some, even this is considered a progress.

Do more goal examples: Do more of exercising, creating content, learning new things, spending time with family etc.

Do less/none goal examples: Do none of eating sugar, playing mobile games, consuming media/alcohol, checking fb/instagram/twitter etc.

While it is tempting to think less of the do-none goals, I feel they are important for a number of reasons.

Sometimes, you can’t move to the do-more goals you want to achieve without doing less of some of the stuffs. Eg: Only if you stop watching tv after you wake up, you can maybe use that time to watch some tutorials about things you want to learn. Only if you stop watching distracting sites in you laptop, you’ll be able to do useful things from your laptop like practise coding or writing and sharing a blog post.

You can ignore your do-none goals altogether and focus on the more productive do-more goals. But in some cases it might not work. It would just feel like 2 step forward and 1 step backward. While you can exercise daily and completely ignore healthy eating, you won’t see a marked change in your body, and you’d probably also not feel that elated mood that exercise brings in. You could write all the useful blog posts you want, but if you don’t stop fearing and start sharing it to the world, there’s zero impact created by your blog.

Your do-none goals represent you. It’s your current identity. It’s like the flea in a dog. Wherever you go, they come with you. If you want a new identity, much as you could try to ignore them, they’ll still come with you and remind you of your old self. So take the time and try to get rid of your old habits first.

Of course, the do-more and do-none might go hand in hand. Some say, you can’t just stop doing a habit. You have to replace it with some other habit. So, if it means to replace your do-none goals with do-more goals, then go ahead and do it. All the more power to you.

“But how will I get rid of my current afflictions? I’m stuck with them. I’ve long tried to get rid of them only to fail multiple times. I feel them like a huge rock tied to my legs. They stop me from doing any kind of progressive activity.”

Well, hello. Have you heard of the 30 day challenge method? You could blow these piggies away effortlessly using this and move on to the bigger challenges of your life. Try it!

(Guess tomorrow’s topic?)