Prasanna Natarajan

How not to visualize

Each goal you strive for, requires you to be a different person. One of the very first required steps towards this new persona is your change in mindset. If you want to be the creative person who creates value out of everything, then you first should be able to imagine a reality where you are a creative. And if you want to be a rich person who has enough, then you should be able to, and constantly imagine a reality where you feel abundant in every walk of life. you feel abundance in giving to others, you feel it in enjoying comfort, you feel it in your other aspects of like energy, relationship and time too.

At least that’s what the books I’ve been reading so far on getting rich are telling me, and the people I look up to and follow. “Start creating the reality you want by imagining it first, and them working towards materialising it.” And mostly just ignore this reality.

Think and grow rich said so. “You are a badass at making money” said so. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame said so and Steve Pavlina said so. Imagination is the key. It seems.

So with all this prior conditioning, I came across this Steve Pavlina’s video series on creating abundance.

It had the same approach, but a lot of intricate details that I loved.

Here are some:

Blah blah.

And the practice he suggests is to spend some time daily thinking about how you’ll feel in the new reality.

For example, if all of a sudden you see you have 10 times the money you want, you’ll probably be happy for some time, but then you’ll also start to panic. How the hell did this come? And even if that’s ok, how am I going to maintain it? Do I spend it on things I want, or do I invest it and protect it? It’s probably a one time thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened regularly? Etc.

That’s not the vibe of “being rich”. Being rich means not worrying about certain things. You probably won’t worry about the “salary” you are getting now. You’ll get up and think how much more value I can create via my business today. You’ll think about a family vacation plan without bothering about the money. Etc.

So, in this 20 minute practice, you are striving to create this “being rich” vibe. The idea is to be able to hold on to it as much as possible. You won’t be able to do it initially. In the middle of your day, your scarcity mindset will pop its head: “Oh it’s so costly. I’ll look for cheaper ones.” But then with practice your abundance mindset will come in and will spread its signature in your daily activities.

Being convinced, I set out yesterday to try this method. Because why not? I’ll do both the easy and hard stuff to become rich, thin and happy.

My office commute is ideal for this as it takes about 30 to 40 minutes in slow moving, soul crushing traffic. I started visualising the rich life I’d want to experience while driving my 2-wheeler.

Not the one with owning a private jet, riding a Merc with a driver etc. Well it started out like that. But then I’d never want to be that suit wearing person assuming a lot of self-importance. My idea of being rich is being able to afford anything that I’d want and living a creative and helpful life. Spending 100% of my waking time on things I want to. Learning and creating stuff. Etc.

Ideally I like the life of Derek Sivers. All I’d do is wake up and immerse myself in learning whatever is holding my fantasy currently. It will mostly be writing, coding, learning languages etc.

I’d also have my own home gym and build it like how the StrongLifts guy has his. No mirrors, cage, pullup bars and stuff.

I’d also do some gardening and plant lots of trees. I’d have a chef cooking me healthy food that keeps me at 14% bodyfat throughout the year.



I hit the car before me when he stopped suddenly because the jerk before him stopped suddenly. My bike’s front wheel shaped the car’s rear bumper to it’s own shape.

I shake up. Look around, where the hell am I?

Oh, my current reality.

The driver stops the car, gets out with lots of false anger loaded in. Comes to me, and before I have time to load into my brain the instincts required for this reality, grabs my bike’s key and demands I solve this problem for both of us.

I’m so confused at this point. This isn’t supposed to work this way right?

“asdfasdf qwerty xvxzxvzxv rututit” he says in kannada. I nod.

His klingon is interrupting my thoughts big time and I don’t like it. I decide to shut his ass off by giving him 2000 rupees, because, you know, I’m currently feeling “abundant”.

But I got bitch-slapped into my senses somehow and convince him to take 1000 rupees and flee the scene thinking I got a better deal.

Slowly, after some time, my heart sinks in. In my 20 years of driving, I’ve never once hit anyone like this. And it’s just the plastic that got dented. It could be repaired for far less. I could’ve given him something like 500 or 600. But I gave him a nice round number.

What the hell is the point of this? Is reality saying “you are better off in this reality, so don’t dream”?

Or is it all just BS?

I’m still not rich, thin and happy. So I’d like to blame it on dreaming while riding. I should’ve done that at home while lying down or while taking a leisure walk.