Prasanna Natarajan

When does a 30 day challenge work?

It works when you finish your very first challenge.

When you look back at the past 30 days of your trial, you’d realise that you have done something you’ve never ever done before in your life. My limited writing skills couldn’t justify how profound this feeling is. You have to experience it first hand to realise what I mean. Unless you’ve already started a trial, it would take 30 more days for you to realise this profound new feeling, and it’s a shame you couldn’t experience it sooner.

We are creatures of habit, and you wouldn’t believe how much your own mind would resist going off the beaten path. The grooves in your brain are deep with years of living the same routine. And because it’s deep, it’s much easier to go right in the groove that it is to go astray. It’s a cycle that runs forever. Unless you consciously step in.

When you sit down to analyse this method, and even do a weak attempt to start it, all you’d hear from the back of your head is “Resistance is futile”.

Or if you fancy fantasy, think of this resistance like the Jim Carrey movie “The Truman Show”. Every time you start to doubt your reality, someone from the set (the real reality) interrupts you either by distracting you or by making you fear going the direction of your doubts (remember his fear of water and flying?).

Every time you try to do something different, your lizard brain comes with so many wonderful excuses. It’s whisper in your head is so consistent that you might have taken your identity itself as what it says. What I mean is that, if you suddenly thought “I don’t like this job. I want to do business”, then the lizard brain will start the slow humming whisper “But business needs capital and you don’t have it.” And then that becomes your belief. To start a business, one needs to have some capital. Back to the fake reality sucker!

I came across this 30 day trial method from Steve Pavlina 8 years ago. And I remember being influenced by the article’s magic for years. But all I could remember now is that I finished just one 30 day challenge to jog in a nearby park.

See how far my lizard brain went to make me come back to the safe comfort life I’ve always been living? It actually let me try one challenge, and then probably said something that I don’t even realise now, that made me altogether drop and forget the idea!

I think it was this: “Hey, maybe you should read this book and that blog. They sound more promising into making you rich, thin and happy. Maybe the secret sauce to life is just right over there in that book. Keep reading…. Keep reading… la la la…. Keep reading…”

This same thing could play in your own head. Stop fucking around with your lizard brain. Make a commitment today and start a trial. Start off with a physical challenge - maybe 2 rounds jogging for 30 days from today? See for yourself the different person you’ve become after 30 days.

That’s why I keep saying, start your first trial this very day. Dive into action. It’s so hard for me to convice people to try this. They keep nodding their head, and even do some half-assed attempt just to be able to face me. But it becomes so easy when you have that first win in your hand after the 30 days. It’s the biggest reward you could give yourself ever. It’s the proof that there’s in fact, hope.