Prasanna Natarajan

30 days to success

About several lifetimes ago I came across this article - 30 days to success while binge consuming Steve Pavlina’s articles.

It’s a method to try a new habit. Books have been written on the topic. Some people have stopped in their tracks and began doing serious research about it.

I have read those books and I’ve read those researches too. But nothing worked or I think I didn’t try. Whatever.

Even this Steve Pavlina article didn’t work for me for about 8 years, but that’s only because I didn’t try it seriously. I only ever tried, did and finished a 30 day trial to exercise.

But somehow I came back to this article recently simply because my life’s status quo started sucking a little too much. Ok, a lot actually.

So I started trying it since April. I’ve completed 7 trials till now.

I have to say, this works.

Now, my life hasn’t become turned over completely, and I’m not rich, thin and happy yet. I’ve just climbed about 4 steps in a 1000 step journey, maybe. And it’s only about 3 months. So don’t think I’m lording over you, give me a break!

I’m exploring this path, I found some noteworthy shit, and I’m inviting you to consider it.

I believe there’s some life changing magic with this approach, and that it’s important for people to try it out for themselves.

On the way, I noticed a few characteristics of this method that are worth blogging about. I will, in the coming days. But here are some of these:

Here’s the method:

That’s it.

Why it works is that, after 30 days, you are allowed to get back to your old vices and enjoy yourself. Yesterday my “No chess for 30 days” trial was finished, and today I indulged in 10 games (I lost 9 of them since I wasn’t in touch). And similarly, I stuffed my face with a million calorie sweets after my “No sweets for 30 days” trial.

Imagine your God coming to you with a gift and saying: “Take this. This is make you rich, thin and happy.” Wouldn’t you jump on God to take the gift and strive to make your life better with it?

This is that gift. And I’m giving it to you. I’m not God, but remember that story where a God-lover was forsaken in a sea-storm and he vow to get help from God directly, and God sent him a boatman and he rejected him blah? Ya. I’m the boatman.

Please take this gift. You and your life will change for the better right before your eyes, and it will be spooky.

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