Worm - by Wildbow

1 minute read

ISBN: NA, READ: 2017-12-09, RATING: 1/10

The internet raves about this webfiction. Eliezer Yudkowsky raved about this. It is a cult classic.

Read it for free here.

And it’s insanely long. It’s over a million words in length and is roughly equivalent to 26 average-sized novels.

It’s a great story and a great effort by the author. But it doesn’t have to be this long. I wasted months trying to finish this thing. In my impatience, I quick-glanced at the worm wikia which actually spoiled the climax for me. So after that nerve-numbing, torturous foreplay that lasted months, I didn’t even get to finish off, much less experience an explosive orgasm.

I regret the time spent reading this. But if the author spent some time to edit/throw out a lot of unwanted junks - especially the superhero, endbringer fights - then the book would be a lot more appealing. Not to me though. I’m never re-reading this thing.

Having said that, I’ll also say this. If you are filthy rich and play chess online, you couldn’t go wrong with choosing this book as your next read.

The story, the characters, the reveals are all done exceptionally well. It’s a story about survival and being resourceful and never losing hope ever. The gray-shade characterisations are very well done too. Eg: The heroine wants to do good deeds with her power, but due to circumstances, ends up as a villain.. and still does good stuff, and finds that some of her villain pairs have good intentions too, whereas the supposedly good guys take things for granted and do bad stuff too. Get it?