Prasanna Natarajan

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality - by Eliezer Yudkowsky

READ: 2017-03-16, RATING: 1010

This is a Harry Potter fanfiction written by an AI scientist who is also a practising Rationalist. In this world, Harry is an extremely intelligent kid parented by smart and kind humans. This is the real Harry Potter that JK Rowling should’ve created. This is the Harry Potter the world should’ve read. And Eliezer should’ve been a Billionaire just like Rowling for creating this. I can say with certainty that all the people who’ve read nad liked the canon will like hpmor even more.

Read the full book online here.

Few things in life will produce a continuous stream happiness that can last for days. Sex will not, helping the poor will not, or even making a ‘dent’ will not (don’t ask me). But reading this book will. It’s the greatest fiction ever written. Here are my guidelines to read this book:

So here are the “great things” about this book. Things why you should read this book for: